Why do you have to log in with Facebook to access the awesome that is Hitlist?

Truthfully, we’d rather not require this. But we’re a small team with limited resources, and using Facebook has helped us bring this baby to life quicker than we could have otherwise.

We appreciate you downloading the app and we are working hard to build out an independent user account system. Even when we have, though, we encourage you to log in with Facebook for a few reasons:

  • We don’t post anything to your wall without asking you first, and we will not spam your friends.
  • It’s really, really useful to be able to see which of your friends live or have been to cities that you’re considering. You can contact people for tips, catch up with old friends, or find a place to stay.

But we understand it’s not for everyone. We’d really like to have you on Hitlist, so please drop your email here and we’ll notify you as soon as a version is out that doesn’t require Facebook login.