About Tripcommon

We are a team of dedicated international travelers who believe that travel is vital to health, happiness, and–you know–world peace. We built TripCommon, an early seed stage startup disrupting the travel industry. Hitlist is our first product. Our mission is to rebuild the search and booking process for the 21st century.

Meet Us


Gillian Morris, Co-Founder
When Gillian was 18, she took her life savings and travelled to Paris living off $500 a month. She is responsiblefor strategy, fundraising, marketing, and making sure everything gets done. She was born and raised in the NY area, studied at Harvard, lived in France, China, Turkey, and San Francisco. Previous ventures include pet breeding, opera singing, and investment advising in the Middle East and Central Asia. Overdressed nerd.


Timo de Winter, Co-Founder, Front-End
Timo did all design and much of the building for TripCommon.com, and the initial version of Hitlist. He is now finishing his degree at HKU in the Netherlands. He was born and raised in Amsterdam, briefly lived in the US, now back in Amsterdam. Total hipster.


Luka Kladaric, Chief Technology Officer
Luka joined TripCommon in July 2013. Formerly at Deviant Art, he was responsible for overall architecture and reliability of the technical side of the product. He was born and raised in Zagreb, and lives there now with frequent trips to New York. Cats adore him.