Mobile App Developer & Designer

At TripCommon, we want people to travel more.

We believe travel sites today ignore a fundamental (and positive) incentive to get out of town: the desire to visit family and friends. We’re making it easier for users to find out where their friends and family are at the moment, and helping them figure out how to travel to or with them. You can learn a bit more about our projects on TechCrunch, Tnooz, and on our constantly-evolving beta.

Your role would be to help design and directly program a mobile app that will be intuitive, useful, and delightful to millions of users. We’re looking for a mobile developer first and foremost, but you should be familiar with general front-end web development; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery. We’re growing quickly and the role could evolve into a management-level position (CDO/CPO).

You’ll be free to work remotely, at least to begin with, as our team is currently distributed in New York, Boston, Zagreb, Amsterdam, and San Francisco — most work will happen through skype or task tracker. Eventually, we’d like you to end up in New York. You’ll join a growing team from Harvard, Utrecht School of the Arts, deviantART, and Google.


We’re looking for a full time hire. Compensation will include a mix of equity and salary.

You will need to have programming experience developing and maintaining mobile applications, including syncing with back end code. Our current work utilizes Phonegap (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript), Python, Django, Postgres and Heroku. We intend to build a native app but are agnostic on the platform – so experience in either Objective-C for iOS or Java for Android is a plus. You’ll be expected to design and build not only the end user facing experience but also the basic integration with our backend API.

We’ll provide the product definition and details you need to get the job done or, preferably, design them with you. You’ll be expected to take on some management and support responsibilities.

More than just good stable output, we’ll expect your code to help us meet our business goals. A portion of your programming role will be to make adjustments to the implementation in order to better support the desired business outcome — sometimes requiring additional steps, user behavior analysis, and split testing.


Design: ultimate responsibility for the end user-facing UI and UX of a mobile app
Programming: directly integrate with existing code

Ideal Qualities

Experience shipping one or more mobile apps in either iOS or Android
Firsthand knowledge of the travel market
Agile development (confidence in rapid prototyping or hackathon setting)
Experience with GDSs, Facebook, and similar APIs
Personal projects that show an aptitude for engineering and product sense
Attention to detail
On call availability

Job & Benefits

You’ll be one of the first official full time hires, but start as a contract-based worker for 90 days. Assuming all goes well, you’ll be hired as a full time employee.

You’ll provide your own computer and Internet. Some travel for orientation and onboarding may be required but will be covered by the company.

Our employee compensation model is salary plus performance driven bonuses. Meaning, the more lift TripCommon sees, the more direct compensation you’ll receive.

Contact to apply.